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5 Teas to Help You Stay Focused

5 Teas to Help You Stay Focused

Tea is one of the most consumed beverages the world over. Across centuries, people have been using tea as their go-to sidekick to stay focused while working late nights or give their early morning the kick-start it needs. It is also consumed at varying hours of the day whenever a little extra pick-me-up is required to perk up low energy levels.

Today, various brews of the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant can be found with additional ingredients that promote multiple health benefits and promote brain health while also improving focus.

How does tea help you focus?

The L-theanine and caffeine compounds found within the Camellia sinensis plant is proven to be beneficial towards sustained attention, memory and suppression of distraction, according to research.

Based on research led by the National University of Singapore, unlike non-tea drinkers, people who consume tea regularly have more organised brain regions, improving cognitive function.

This is due to the amino acid known as L-theanine in tea, which modulates certain aspects of human brain function, as shown in research studies using EEGs. According to this research, L-theanine increases brain activity within the alpha frequency band responsible for the relaxation of the mind without causing drowsiness.

Tea and caffeine

The average cup of tea that contains about 15-60mg of caffeine is far lesser than that of coffee which contains 60-150mg of caffeine. While it does produce a revitalising effect by increasing the brain’s alertness, it also acts as a stress reliever that can reduce fatigue, helping you burn the midnight oil without sending you into hyper overdrive. Find out more about the caffeine component in tea over here.

Unlike coffee that produces a caffeine crash 8 - 12 hours after its consumption leaving you in an energy slump, tea does not have such adverse side effects. If you’re someone prone to anxiety or sleep disorders, it is highly recommended that you choose tea over coffee to avoid triggering such conditions.

Explore the range of teas and infusions within Dilmah’s ‘Focussed’ Tea Mood that offers a variety of products specially formulated to stimulate your mind and enhance your clarity of thought. We have handpicked five teas for you to try out that are guaranteed to boost your brainpower and help you get back on track with work.

5 teas to help you stay focused

  1. Silver Jubilee Gourmet Ceylon Ginger, Honey & Mint
    This charmingly fragrant black tea from Dilmah’s Silver Jubilee Gourmet Selection offers the perfect harmony between its ginger, mint and honey notes - producing a refreshingly soothing tea that’s bound to leave you feeling focussed and attentive to take on your day.

    As a Ceylon single region tea, which is grown at 3,300ft above sea level, this spicy brew with a medium level of caffeine is presented to you in an airtight tin caddy that ensures the freshness and aroma of the tea leaves.

  2. Lemon Fun Flavoured Tea

    Who doesn’t like the sweet and tangy tasting citrusy goodness of a lemon flavoured Ceylon black tea? This high grown Ceylon tea with a medium level of caffeine is the perfect midday pick-me-up.

    Presented in easily accessible tea bags, it is ideal for making a tall glass of cool and refreshing lemon iced tea.

  3. Vivid Ceylon Breakfast Tea

    What‘s better than a pure Ceylon breakfast tea to start your day? The Vivid Ceylon range of breakfast teas offers you the focus and drive needed to get you up and running. This western high grown tea produces a rich ruby red liquor that encompasses high-quality bright notes of freshness alongside a grassy edge.

    This exquisitely delicious and revitalising brew from Dilmah’s Vivid Tea Selection presented in a tin caddy that is useful in protecting the freshness and aroma of the tea, is perfect for the tea connoisseur in you.

  4. Silver Jubilee Gourmet Organic Leafy Green Tea

    Green tea has been used throughout centuries as a brew that induces mental clarity and promotes relaxation in the physical body. This organically grown Daejak green tea produces a pale yellow-green tea with underlying notes of hay, olives and herbs.

    Belonging to Dilmah’s Silver Jubilee Gourmet Selection, it is presented in a tin caddy that protects the freshness and aroma of this loose-leaf tea. It is the perfect way to start your day on an energetic note.

    Organic teas have garnered immense popularity in recent years as more and more people are on the lookout for all-natural detox teas. In order to learn more about the benefits of drinking organic tea, head over to our article here.

  5. Golden Pekoe with Orange & Lime

    This bright and sparkling Ceylon Pekoe black tea combines the natural flavours of orange, grapefruit, lime and lemon, producing a refreshing citrus note with a medium level of caffeine, making it the perfect companion for your study / work routine at any time of day.

    Find yourself the perfect Dilmah tea for a wandering mind and increase your clarity and focus while promoting healthy memory function here.
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