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Tea for every mood

Tea for every mood

A cup of warm Ceylon tea is known to be ideal whether you’re stressed, sleepy, lazy or just plain angry! Soothe your nerves and ease your tension with your favourite tea. Here is a list of teas that will help alleviate your mood.

Wake up and Energize

Whether you’re finding it hard to get out of bed at 10 am or are just feeling as gloomy as the weather outside, a cup of Ceylon tea is known to work wonders in energizing you as you wake up! Dilmah’s Ceylon Green Tea will leave you feeling bright and refreshed. Black tea lovers will adore our Earl Grey tea, one of the most popular breakfast blends that helps enhance energy levels.

Need an Energy Boost?

Ditch the fizzy, sugary drinks and opt for a natural energy boost that will last longer and be more beneficial to your health. The lively aroma and flavour of lemongrass is known to stir up those good ol’ energy levels. We’ve mixed the sprightly flavour of lemongrass with the herbal benefits of green tea to give you that extra kick of energy you need to get through the day.

Stuck in A Rut?

Got a creative block? Stuck in a rut staring at a blank canvas or an empty notepad? The only thing that has helped artists get over this incredibly frustrating period is a stimulating cup of tea. Get your creative juices flowing with a freshly brewed cup of Ceylon Spice Chai or Peppermint Leaves with Ceylon Cinnamon tea. Crafted to evoke a sense of tropical dreams, get those wheels turning with these delectable teas that will kindle your imagination and help you in your creative process.

Under the Weather?

Got the common cold or the pesky flu? Lemon tea is known to help relieve a blocked nose and other symptoms of a cold and flu, because of the copious amounts of vitamin C in it. The aroma itself is enough to make you feel ten times better! If you’re feeling under the weather, brew a cup of lemon tea to help cure your ailments! Add a little bit of honey to your tea to soothe a sore throat!

Go to Sleep with Ease

Maybe you don’t want to feel so energized at 10 pm, or you’re just facing another sleepless night. A relaxing cup of Chamomile tea will help lull you into a peaceful slumber. For years, the herb has been known to help calm moods and treat insomnia. As an added bonus, Chamomile tea tastes so delightful and delicious that you’ll be tempted to have more.