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Boost Your Immunity With Black Tea

Boost Your Immunity With Black Tea

Did you know that drinking black tea can enhance your immune system, due to the polyphenols and theanine present in tea? While you can read the extensive benefits of black tea here, keep reading to find how you can use this natural beverage to strengthen and reinvigorate your body.

How many cups of black tea can help boost immunity?

Regular consumption of black tea can boost your immunity and help restore your energy levels with an overall positive impact on your health. Studies suggest that drinking a single cup per day over a long period of time, will contains enough antioxidants to protect you from infections and improve your body’s response time against pathogens or foreign bodies. Ceylon black tea is known to be ideal for boosting your immune system in the fight against bacteria that cause colds, coughs or the flu. Experts recommend drinking 4 – 5 cups of handpicked, unblended and garden-fresh tea packed at source, per day, to help boost immunity.

Black tea and your heart health

While black tea is not a medicine and shouldn’t be used as one, drinking black tea certainly does help prevent heart aches. While it won’t fix a broken heart, it’ll surely help prevent other pains from developing in your heart instead. The potassium present in black tea acts as the main hero to improving your heart health; as it helps to stabilise blood pressure, which reduces the levels of strain on your heart; thereby alleviating the risk of a heart attack. With a stabilised and healthy cardiovascular system, your body can now tackle the foreign bodies that causes infections and illnesses; thus improving your immunity.

Black tea and your digestive health

Though many are curious to know how black tea can help you lose weight, there is more to this refreshing beverage and how it benefits your digestive health than simply ‘losing weight’. With zero-calories, your body can reap the benefits at no additional ‘guilt’ to your waistline, as long as it’s consumed without any additives like sugar or milk. The antioxidants found in black tea help boost your metabolism and the polyphenols in black tea have been known to help in improving your immune system too.

Black tea and mental health

One of the key factors to ensuring your body’s immunity is strong and stable is to also ensure your mental health is well looked-after. Historically, tea has always been associated with promoting mood and performance benefits that help with relaxation and concentration. Key ingredients like caffeine and theanine, whether in combination or on its own, have been known to improve your level of attention and alertness.

Other Benefits of Black Tea

There are numerous other health benefits of black tea that can help boost your immunity from improving your oral health to boosting your energy levels. Read more about the other benefits of black tea here.

Can black tea help tackle COVID-19?

While still in its preliminary findings, it has been noted that according to the latest research, the presence of theaflavin, a polyphenolic compound in black tea is said to have a medicinal value; thus acting as an inhibitor against several viruses, from influenza A and B, hepatitis C and even SARS-related viruses like COVID-19. Read more about the research findings by Lung J, Lin Y‐S, Yang Y‐H, et al. - The potential chemical structure of anti‐SARS‐CoV‐2 RNA‐dependent RNA polymerase. J Med Virol. 2020;1–5. 

Where to buy black tea?

While black tea can be bought anywhere, whether online or at your local store, it’s imperative that you pick the right brand that focuses on the importance of producing high-quality teas that don’t compromise on the nutritional benefits of the tea. Dilmah teas are handpicked and packed at source, thereby retaining their freshness and purity. Shop online from our range of Ceylon black teas to reap the health benefits of this natural beverage.

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