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Dilmah Cup of Kindness

Dilmah Cup of Kindness

32 years ago, when Merrill J Fernando founded Dilmah, he believed that a tea cup can solve problems of the mankind. Whether they were problems between nations, between businesses, even in families between husbands & wives, tea has been a soothing balm that has helped their solution. The simple act of pouring a cup of tea is, in itself, an ice-breaker, providing pleasurable anticipation of the goodness that is to follow.

And today, we believe that the same cup of tea that can solve problems among nations, businesses and families can break the loneliness in people. So, we look forward to building on a purposeful message with a new platform: A Cup of Kindness- to fight loneliness in every little possible way we can.

What is cup of Kindness?

Our effort is to encourage every one of you to get closer to the people around you.

While the simple act of pouring tea has been an ice breaker and a great way to reconnect for centuries, share your tea with friends you’ve not talked to in a long while, go back to that neighbour you see every day but has never spoken a word with, talk to those people who are living alone, talk to someone who has told you that they are feeling lonely or talk to that friend with whom you’ve fallen out.

At the end of the day, what matters is shifting back to people, letting them know that you care.



Why cup of Kindness?

Mysteriously, in an era where we are more connected than ever, we are becoming more and more lonelier. The growing reliance on social technology rather than the face to face interaction is making people around you and I isolated. We are actually becoming less connected to others in our relationships, becoming more superficial and less rewarding.

Loneliness is subjective. It is not about the number of people you associate but the quality of these relationships.

There are people around us who are lonely because they no longer feel connected to their families or long-time friends. There are people who are lonely because of being bullied. There are people who feel lonely because of being abused or because they are being rejected in love or because their perceptions about life don’t match with others.

Unless we talk to people around us, we’d never know what they are going through in life.

Loneliness can destroy people physically and mentally. Therefore, social support is necessary. Engaging in conversations with people who feel lonely is one small step that can help in curing it. And in doing so, we believe that a cup of tea will lead the way.

Share a cup of kindness

We offer complimentary 4 tea bags sampler for every purchase, so that you can share a cuppa with someone you’ve not spoken to and build new and meaningful relationships.

Be There for Someone

Take time off to make someone’s life better today.

Founded on goodwill and with the idea of helping the less privileged communities, the Ethical Tea Society (ETS) directly addresses Dilmah Founder, Merrill J. Fernando’s vision of making business a matter of human service.

You can volunteer or offer your support to enhance the programs carried out by the Ethical Tea Society and share the joys of changing lives.

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